What conference?

One of the major goals of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) is to identify opportunities for minority students. NABA achieves this goal through its annual regional conferences.


This year’s conference, as in past years, will offer seminars and workshops designed to enhance your communicative and interpersonal skills and provide tools that will allow for a smoother transition into the professional environment. The conference will also offer the optimum forum to interact with students from other colleges and universities.

The objectives of the regional student conference are as follows:

  • To encourage student involvement in NABA and to assist in the development of leadership skills

  • To provide an opportunity for students and professionals to share their goals and objectives

  • To augment students’ skills and expand their knowledge through challenging seminars

  • To provide a forum to discuss student issues and to present positive alternative resolutions

  • To provide a cost-effective method for corporations to interview qualified minority students

  • To provide an opportunity for students to interview for entry-level positions and internships

View highlights from prior year conferences

This years Western Regional Student Conference (WRSC) will take place from October 11-13 in Dallas, Texas.

Day 1: Opening Session and Career Expo

Day 2: Professional Development, Scholarship Luncheon, and Interview Sessions

Day 3: Professional Development and Closing Session


Be a part of this years conference!

In order to attend WRSC with TAMU NABA, you must:

(1) be a good-standing member (Visit Members Tab)

(2) register and pay for the conference (see instructions below)